How do marketers build extraordinary brands using these ordinary moments?

Be personal: Thanks to mobile, people are connecting around millions of personal moments every day—from wedding announcements to birth announcements, from birthdays to beach days and from training for a marathon to watching a TV marathon. By understanding more about moments that matter to people, brands can can deliver highly creative, personally relevant experiences that matter more to their consumers.

Be precise: Thanks also to mobile, people are creating and consuming many little moments in rapid-fire succession. To resonate and stand out among the multitude of moments, brands need to be precise in their messaging and targeting—delivering the right creative to the right person at the right moment, like byte-sized, image-heavy content that delights a new mom rocking her baby back to sleep in the middle of the night or encourages Millennials to go out or chill out in summer.

Be persistent: People are sharing—and sharing in—their own and each other’s moments every day and everywhere, especially on mobile. As moments play out on the device that is omnipresent in people’s lives, brands need to establish a persistent mobile strategy.

By being personal, precise and persistent, marketers can leverage these ordinary moments to make their brands extraordinary.