Today, most humans in the modern world will spend at least 23 minutes watching videos online.

Digital channels, social behaviour, and mobile opportunities are driving a seismic shift in the way we share information, seek entertainment, and make decisions.

Through a haze of hype, video is emerging as an important opportunity for brands looking to tell a story, create an emotional connection and drive action throughout the customer journey.

According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is equal in value to 1.8 million words – or more than 20 average-length novels. With audience demand on the rise, 79% of internet traffic is expected to be from online video by 2018, so video is an absolutely essential part of any business or organisation’s content marketing mix.

The best way for your business to get attention this year is to engage GT Digital Media to create videos that connect with your customers.

Did you know that laughter, surprise and a sense of irony are the leading emotional factors that trigger a video share? Video gives you a chance to show your fun side and that is what attracts attention.

Take a quick 5 minutes to complete your Business Video Creative Strategy and we will be in touch with a plan and date to get your video launched.