I help you tell the story of your business. Reach and engage with your audience using authentic stories.

The story of how something came to life. This is a story that shares how a business or nonprofit was started. This type of story helps to create a deeper brand connection while also fostering trust in your mission. The Origin Story and/or the Why Story are great for the about us page of your website, whether in writing or as a video.

This is a story of who you are as a person. It demonstrates a personal quality or strength that is core to who you are. The Values story is great for talks, presentations, and pitches as a powerful way to connect the audience to you as a person.

This is a story of why you do what you do or why you connect with a certain project, person, or topic that you’re pursuing. It’s a powerful way of building trust around your intentions with your clients and/or colleagues.

This is a story that portrays your vision for a nonprofit, business, idea or cause in a way that others can see it too. In contrast to the Origin Story, which shows how you got here, the Vision Story shows where you are headed. The Vision Story is all about making your path incredible tangible so that your team, investors, or crew are all deeply connected to the mission.

A Teaching Story is one that is used to share a lesson or educate somebody on the why and how of a new skill. A Teaching Story is one of the best ways of imparting knowledge. By using story, it becomes far more engaging and emotionally felt, which greatly increases the chances that your audience will actually get the lesson, as well as remember it.

This is a story of how a company or nonprofit has made an impact. It is often thought of as a case study or a testimonial, but what’s critical to understand is that a great Impact Story will go beyond talking about the impact and develop a strong character and journey as well.The Impact Story is a great way for you to show the ROI of what you do and as a way of demonstrating the value of your offering.

This is a story that first validates, and then reframes, others’ objections. This is commonly used in a sales environment where you can understand the client’s objection to making such a large investment or in following your approach to crafting their video. In many ways, it is like a Teaching Story – however, it’s a very specific case where the lesson is focused on overcoming a known objection in the mind of your audience.