Lights, camera, action
We’ll shoot a professional video for your business to use across all of your social media channels

How does it work?
We follow this four step process to ensure your video is delivered on time and within budget.

1. Introductory Call
We have a 30 minute discovery chat where we help you choose a video template and begin to draft your script.

2. Script & Storyboard
We present your script and storyboard and review it together. We then set a time and date for the shoot.

3. Video Shoot
We come to your business and film for around an hour. We then edit your video within 48 hours.

4. Published
Your video is now ready to upload to your various social media channels and website.

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Video Templates
Take a look through these example videos created by Youtube to choose a style thats suits your business.

Healthcare – Overview
This video is perfect for showcasing a health practice in any field. It profiles the doctors, staff, and clients. You’ll need your head doctor or clinic owner to appear in footage as well as speak on camera. Optionally, you can have a real customer appear and give a short testimonial.

Healthcare – Owner Story
Allow your customers to get to know you and your practice with this video. This video should give a sincere, honest introduction to one of your doctors or practitioners. It can help future patients know what to expect and motivate them to make an appointment. You’ll need a great doctor who’s comfortable talking on camera, as well as a patient so we can show your doctor at work.

Healthcare – Staff Profile
This video helps viewers get to know your staff, with a series of very short profiles. Through the introductions, you’ll help viewers understand the range of services you offer in-house, and show off your personalities. This video requires 3-5 charismatic staff members willing to appear on camera.

Restaurant – Overview
This video is great for letting new customers know who you are and enticing them to try you out. You can show off your best dishes, drinks, and your atmosphere. You’ll need the restaurant owner or manager, a chef or cook, and a customer. Be sure to schedule your shoot at a time when you can capture your dining room when its full of customers, but also a time when you can step aside and appear on camera.

Specialty Shop – Overview
This video allows store owners to introduce the unique inventory and shopping experience they provide. In this minute-or-less story, you can give viewers a solid understanding of your store’s foundations and role in the community. You’ll need a store owner or manager to speak on screen, as well as some happy customers.

Retail Store – Overview
This video helps retailers introduce a store and showcase its unique merchandise. It’s great for showcasing a brick-and-mortar retail store and the things that make it unique. This particular video doesn’t require anyone to talk on camera, to it will be shot simply following your customers and employees interacting with the merchandise and space. It’s great for the camera shy!

Product Company – Overview
This is both a company overview and product introduction that includes places for designers to speak on ­camera, product shots, and action shots of the product being used. It’s best for companies that make or design & sell a physical product. You’ll need someone to act as a customer and/or demo the product, and a designer or other team member to talk on-screen.

Professional Services – Overview
This video provides insight into a professional service’s offerings, credentials, and personality. It will give audiences confidence in the quality of a firm or organisation’s services. You’ll need a spokesperson for the organisation (preferably the owner), and at least one client to both appear on camera.

Tradesman – Overview
This video allows you to touch on the origins of your business and how you’ve evolved since you first opened. You’ll need an employee who’s comfortable speaking on camera about your history – this person should be founder or owner. It also helps if you can show off your business in action, by following a technician to a job.

Your investment $990
One off payment. No more to pay. The value of the video will continue to benefit your business with better search results, longer visits on your web page and social media content.

Business Video Intro Pack includes:
︎ Initial Consultation to help you define video content︎ Storyboard & Script based on your 100-150 words︎ Production and editing approx 1-2 min professional video︎ Filmed at your location in Sydney or the South Coast NSW︎ Royalty Free music︎ Uploaded to your Youtube channel︎ Uploaded natively to your Facebook Business Page︎ Embed code for your own website

Example Videos