The Power of Video for your Business
Facebook has introduced some key features and products that enable you to bring your brand to life and to move people through the marketing funnel by driving awareness, consideration and affinity for your business.

Optimised Bidding for Video Views
Optimised bidding for video views enables you to efficiently optimise your bid to have your ad shown to people who are likely to view your video. A video view is defined on Facebook as a video that is watched for 3 seconds or longer. Use optimised bidding for video views when budget efficiency is most important to you to ensure you are spending to reach people who are likely to view the video. As introduced earlier, alternatively you may use Reach and Frequency bidding when predicting reach and/or frequency is most important to your video-based objective.

Auto-Play Functionality
Auto-play enables your video to automatically start playing in someone’s News Feed when he or she is scrolling through Facebook. We have seen better results for video views and completion rates with auto-play, since the video simply comes to life as people scroll through News Feed. It captures the person’s attention and they can choose to pause and watch the video. At first it plays with no sound – but the person can tap the video to turn sound on and expand it to full screen.

Remarketing to Video Viewers
Remarketing to video viewers enables you to build audiences and reach people who have already shown an interest in your brand. When you run a campaign with video on Facebook, we can then create an audience of people who have already watched your video – so you can continue your storytelling with that audience and help move them from awareness to consideration and affinity. You may also gain additional insights about the audience of video viewers with video remarketing.

You can also add a call-to-action to your video to invite people to learn more and visit a destination of your choice – like a specific page on a website after viewing the video. As someone scrolls through his or her News Feed and watches a video on Facebook, during the view a “Learn More” button can appear on the upper left hand corner. You can then direct him or her where you’d like based on this button. If the person continues to watch without clicking on this button, the call-to-action also appears when the video ends, and the person can either rewatch the video, click “Learn More” and visit your website, or click “Done” and return to the Facebook experience.

Highlighting Sponsorships: Best Practices
Since people talk about big events, like the Super Bowl, on Facebook, you can use video ads before, during and shortly after an event to reinforce your sponsorship through an emotional connection with people engaged in the event. During Super Bowl XVIII, for example, Facebook’s users interacted with videos more than 185 million times.

McDonald’s Europe used video ads featuring French fries playing soccer during the 2014 World Cup in a campaign they called #FryFutbol. During the World Cup, people interacted with video ads on Facebook more than more 3 billion times.

Video Formatting Best Practices
File Type: MP4s work best, but Facebook supports all video types.

Resolution: Use HD video for optimum quality. Keep your resolution under 1080p.

File Size: Keep file sizes under 750MB for the best upload experience. Facebook supports files up to 1GB.

Length: Videos must be less than 20 minutes long. Shorter videos usually have better play-back quality and shorter upload times.