How to get more Google reviews for your business

Reviews are an important factor in local search ranking. Authentic customer reviews are among the top 5 ranking factors for local business. A business with fresh and highly related reviews are likely to see their business appear higher in the local pack search results on Google. Create a link for customers to write reviews Create […]

Using video to help your customers and your business

In this lesson, we’ll answer: Why is video content important for my marketing efforts? How can I create engaging video content? How can I use video content to build a loyal audience? Use Video to Connect With Your Audience These days, it seems that there is so much video content that it’s hard to get […]

The mobile phone is your storefront

If your business has a physical location, you know by now that mobile search is the new front door to your store. In fact, every month people visit 1.5 billion destinations related to what they searched for on Google.1 Below, we share new insights on how mobile search helps people connect with nearby stores. Download […]

Facebook 360 Photos

Share an immersive view of your business with an attention grabbing 360º photo of your business, product or event. These images display with movement directly in the Facebook feed of your customers and followers. There is opens up so many creative possibilities for your business. Place your customers in the centre of the action, ensuring there’s something […]

How do you rate in the five things that matter online?

It can be overwhelming to be introspective on your own business. Yet it can be the most powerful way to grow and make necessary change. To help you when evaluating a business’ online presence I have developed the five factors that can be measured and fixed. 1. People Does your site show me who I am dealing […]

The future is video – The future is now!

Today, most humans in the modern world will spend at least 23 minutes watching videos online. Digital channels, social behaviour, and mobile opportunities are driving a seismic shift in the way we share information, seek entertainment, and make decisions. Through a haze of hype, video is emerging as an important opportunity for brands looking to tell a story, create […]

Google My Shoalhaven Business

GT Digital Media has helped hundreds of businesses improve how they are found online. Now we are on a mission to get every Shoalhaven Business online with Google. When your business is setup properly with Google, it means that your business is “known” in the Google “eco system” … which in turn means that your customers find the […]

How to build your business brand in ordinary moments

How do marketers build extraordinary brands using these ordinary moments? Be personal: Thanks to mobile, people are connecting around millions of personal moments every day—from wedding announcements to birth announcements, from birthdays to beach days and from training for a marathon to watching a TV marathon. By understanding more about moments that matter to people, […]

Google Micro Moments

Watch how our world has been transformed by mobile technology. I can help you setup your business to look it’s best when people need you, your product or service.